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Webb sports belts If you wanted to be different, if you like to create an mage, then, it is not just the clothes, that make an impression. It is the accessories like the tie, the cufflinks, the shoes and what you don't always see at first - the belt.

Custom engraved belt buckles and the options of a range of belts in leather or sports webbing add the final touches to a well dressed pair of trousers - male or female.

devanét is a propietary brand owned by Designs On U Ltd. so whether you are a sportsperson, corporate executive, tradesman or personality, having your design, corporate logo, name or initials on a buckle adds a touch of class to any belt with diamond, laser or router engraving to order.

devanét sports and workwear web belts with custom engraved buckles are made in 30, 35 and 40 mmm widths and to size from XS to 4XL
collection of belts and designs
devanét belts come in a variety of of widths, colours and can be custom made to suit specific requirements

Webbing belts - made from strong synthetic materials, there are two types, elasticated to provide comfort stretch characteristics when worn and standard without stretch.

Offered in a variety of widths and thicknesses and a compendium of colours devanét web belts are ideal for work and play.

devanét buckles are plate style, the face is plain so that we can engrave the buckle with your design. Custom made buckles can also be designed and produced for the larger customer.

Other prong buckles are available and can be custom made to include engraving on the front face.

Each buckle is diamond engraved with precision to show off your company logo, your name or initials, your club crest or your team insignia. Designed for sport, workwear, casual clothing & prestige corporate gifts.

devanetwebbelts can be custom made with designer buckles
devanetbelt engraved clutch buckle
An array of custom designed options from web to leather devanét collectibles designed for discerning customers Diamond engraved 30 mm wide belt buckle
devanet web belt with clutch buckle

Special belt buckles are routed and then colour filled in a contrast colour to create a 3D appearance to text, outline designs or initials.

Other belt buckles can be custom made in pewter, alloys and can be plated with crhome or silver plate, incised with logo, colour filled, resin and dome filled or 3d versions are made with the logo raised on thetop face of the buckle.

Pressed steel buckles are produced in 30, 35 and 40 mm widths to cater for a wide variety of webb belt styles. Other sizes and styles can be made subject to a tolding charge.

devanét leather belts are genuine leather available in two types split hide for coloured belts such as white, pink and navy and full hide in black and browns. The thickness of split hide belts is just under 3 mm whereas our full hide belts are normally 3.5 mm thick.

Our full hide belts are fitted with a number of buckles from cast alloys to beautifully made solid Pewter for the discerning buyer who wants something special.

devanét belts are a step up from the standard plain belt and you can order one offs from our standard range to thousands and everything in between. So get you custom made devanét belt and show it off, devanét - CREATING AN IDENTITY in belts.!


buckle with anchor
Clutch buckle with 3 D Logo on face
devanet webbing belts stripe colour options
devanet custom deisgned leather belts with plate buckle
The smart leather range with discrete engraving www.devanetbelts.co.uk devanét custom web collectibles stripes
devanét belts are produced in Cheshire by Designs on U Ltd, devanét belts are a subsidiary operatiion producing designer belts for corporate customers, professional sportsmen and women and for individuals who want more than just a belt. Our belts are custom made to order, buckles vary from clutch type to cast with chrome finish. devanét belts are stylish products and where the buckle is designed for the customer in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit their requirements. The standard range of buckles are diamond engaved wiuth company logos, initials and names or designs as required, special buckles are made to order.
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